Church Girl Chronicles

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Welcome to Church Girl Chronicles. Where I write and post about some experiences or questions I have. The chronicles will be about everything from Church, Work, Friends, Life up and the downs, high and lows, of being a Black/African American young lady in the church world. I’m a certified church girl, and we are going into a lot of different topics, see a few of them below, and I will drop a scripture or four, so fear not. For without him, this blog wouldn’t exist.

My Workplace Truths

I really like Coca Cola ya! Like I really need one after a hard work day. Get your favorite beverage, and let’s discuss my workplace truths.

Church Life

I can only speak about my apostolic upbringing. Meaning I can only share what I have experiences and witnessed. Some experiences were funny, others were weird, happy, and sad.

Life Principles

I am learning so much, I have experienced so much. I am ready to share. Buying a Car, a Home, Racing to become debt free, Gaining a Degree, Starting A Career, Dating, Friendships, Church Connections between Young People. This is better than tea, its Hot Chocolate….

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